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Our Story

o m n e s s  is a textile house embedding the sacred sound's primal energies into a soulful collection of handmade goods and patterns.

Designed In Australia and lovingly made in Bali, Indonesia, omness was founded in 2016 by Jules, a Sydney born Textile/Surface pattern Designer. omness has become a creative space housing both her textile print processes and her collection of trans-seasonal, easy-to-wear pieces.  

Conscious of our growing footprint and our voice in the Textile Industry; being the second largest polluter in our beautiful, loving earth. omness follows zero waste incentives where possible. For example our Bandeaus, Bralettes and Rattan Bags are made from leftover swatches of fabric, including our eco seaweed dyed cottons from last collection.


Our garments are all hand-made individually, slowly and ethically with love in Bali, Indonesia, adopting natural fibres and seaweed dyes.

Each design is unique and thoughtfully designed for easy comfort. Our printed clothing patterns are illustrated by hand, which are then adopted digitally and screen printed onto fabric. The fabrics are dyed using a tie-dye method, producing individual flaws and beautiful blotches, making each design one of a kind.

Our   I N D A H   pieces are made from locally sourced natural fibres all hand selected by Jules; 100% linens and raw cottons, that are designed to offer beauty, comfort, sustainability and long-lasting durability. 

These fabrics are tailored by Gusti the most amazing tailor and kind hearted human and his Balinese family in small production runs, ensuring sustainably made clothing. There is nothing fast about our brand, during production we visit Gusti daily, overseeing every step of the way, he has become our family and we want to make sure the process for him and his family is fair and happy.

By producing in small runs and shipping our products in biodegradable calico bags we are trying to reduce our carbon foot print. With every purchase we want to give a little gift back.. a bamboo "thank you" straw, to be kind to our oceans and earth.

Jules xx