who made your clothes

Introducing Gusti & Made, husband & wife, parent & grandparent; two beautiful souls whom are the crafting hands behind the production of our omness clothes. Gusti & Made tailor all our pieces in the comfort of their own home surrounded by their loved ones, with the occasional help from their two sons.

Our pieces are designed in Sydney Australia, and are hand made in Bali, Indonesia.

There is nothing fast about our brand, during production I visit Gusti daily, overseeing every step of the way, he has become our family and we want to make sure the process for him and his family is fair and happy. Every piece purchased is supporting them and is currently helping them pay off their Son's wedding.

Choosing to work directly with my Balinese family is an incredible feeling. Knowing not just the names but the stories and faces behind each hand that touches our garments is very rare in today's fashion industry. It is something I'll be forever grateful for, and a value I want to continue to work by as omness grows.   

We hope to be as transparent as possible and use this space to share behind the scenes of our makers. x x